The Reiki Level 1 course offers you:
An understanding of the potential of Reiki practice. Confidence to practice Reiki through: Knowledge of technique - Experiencing giving and receiving Reiki energy A deeper connection with yourself and others through studying and experiencing our energy systems A deeper connection with Universal Energy through your Reiki attunement and self cleanse During the course we will talk about the history and principles of Reiki, how to work with Reiki energy, scientific research into energy healing, a detailed look at the chakra system and basic human anatomy. I have created a great manual covering all of this as well as detailing the hand positions for treating yourself and others that you can take away with you. You will receive your Reiki attunement allowing you to access the Life Force Energy for healing. During both days we will break for a short meditation. There are plenty of breaks for tea and coffee as well as a vegetarian lunch. I try to keep the cost of the workshop as low as possible and teach small groups of around four people. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WORKSHOPS
Learn Reiki Learning how to use Reiki means you have all the benefits that Reiki energy brings, at your fingertips, whenever you want them. You can also use Reiki to help your friends, family and even your pets. My Reiki workshops run over one weekend, from 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday. This is followed by a 21 day self-cleanse, which involves giving yourself a Reiki treatment every day. At the end of this period there will be a follow up half day. I teach Terra Mai© Reiki and my lineage can be traced directly to Dr Mikao Usui. There are three levels of Reiki training: Reiki Level 1 or First Degree - mainly for self-healing and for friends and family. Reiki level 2 or Second Degree - for healing others with hands on and distant healing in a professional capacity. Reiki Level 3 or Third Degree - for deepening the practice and for teaching Reiki to others. Once you have received this attunement and training you will be a Reiki Master Teacher. SEE ALL RECOMMENDATIONS
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