When you work with people, and animals, using Reiki, it creates a soul connection. That connection is not bound by distance or time. Distant Reiki is difficult to explain. If I had no personal experience of it, I’m not sure I would believe it possible. But time after time I am shown proof that Reiki really can be sent over distance and time. It’s a wonderful aspect of Reiki and one which has given me great personal comfort. When I am away from family or friends during times of illness or stress, I can simply find a quiet space and send them Reiki. If a situation in the world is upsetting me, conflict or natural disaster, which I feel helpless about, I can send Reiki and know that I have done something positive. To send Reiki from a distance I need to connect with the person or animal. If don’t already know the recipient I will need a photograph to allow me to make the connection. This can be emailed. The Reiki will be sent at an agreed time and feedback from the session is sent when it is complete. Ideally three sessions on three consecutive days are recommended. The first begins the healing process. The second reinforces the healing already begun and the third ensures that the healing is complete. Distant Reiki works in the same way as hands on Reiki by working on the mind, body and spirit simultaneously. It can also be used to help situations, such as driving tests, appointments or surgery, where it can help to calm and reassure the person and help events to go smoothly. It may be useful in situations such as driving tests, interviews, appointments or surgery. It may also be useful in easing conflict between people or groups. Distant Reiki 1 SESSION OF DISTANT REIKI - £20 2 SESSIONS OF DISTANT REIKI - £40 3 SESSIONS OF DISTANT REIKI - £50 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DISTANT REIKI ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO SEND ME AN EMAIL We will decide together a time for the session that suits everyone. I will need a photograph to allow me to make the connection with the person or the animal. ••••• CLICK HERE TO SEND ME AN EMAIL
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