My journey with Reiki began in 2009. I was visiting my sister while in the process of applying for a counselling course. We talked and I explained that I wanted to be of help to people but I wasn’t sure I was choosing the right path. After listening to me she suggested Reiki. As far as I knew she had never had a complimentary therapy and we had never talked about them. I decided I should pay attention to this unusual advice! On returning home I made some enquiries and a teacher was recommended to me who turned out to be a perfect match. She guided and supported me through the first degree of Reiki later that year. She helped me to believe in myself and in my ability to help people. Two years later I completed my second degree of Reiki and I was honoured to have her teach and attune me into the third and final degree of Master Teacher in 2012. Under her wise guidance I found a way to help myself and others which felt so natural, it was as if I’d always done it. Now I am honoured and grateful to pass this gift on to others when I teach Reiki. Whenever I feel daunted, I remember that I do not heal anyone. I simply direct the Reiki, or Life Force Energy, with the intention that any healing be for the highest good of all concerned, and let the Reiki flow through me.
There are many aspects of Reiki that I love:
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It reinforces the truth that we can each heal ourselves It is very gentle and also very powerful It works on mind, body and spirit simultaneously There are no negative side effects Both client and practitioner receive Reiki during the treatment It is beautifully calming and centring work It is My Work
Morag helped me through the most challenging time of my life, gently healing my deep physical and emotional wounds through a very supportive process. The first time I visited her reiki studio, almost crippled with pain, Morag was quickly able to put me at ease and I immediately felt completely safe. As she worked. I felt layer upon layer of pain and fear gently shed and after, had the first good night's sleep in years! Priceless! I have continued to benefit from both trips to the sanctuary of Morag's reiki studio and the distance healing she has performed for me. I sincerely recommend Morag as reiki healer and a person of great integrity and deep compassion. M from Enniskillen - I have been lucky enough to have Morag work her magic on one of my children and it has been absolutely amazing. Morag worked her magic through distant healing and it worked so well for our daughter. Morag is our angel....... if only we could get a halo and set of wings to fit her. Thank you for all your help and support, you know what you have done for us. Thank you so much for being there on the other end of the phone for us as a family on numerous occasions. We are so lucky to have you. Many thanks again. Helen Davies - Great course and very knowledgeable tutor. The inner peace you get, money could not buy it. J Collins Thoroughly enjoyed the course, better than expected. So glad I did it. I felt very comfortable, atmosphere was good, enjoyable. The two days flew in. The course was very well delivered, spoke well, thorough, informative. Felt very spiritual and calm somehow. Lunches – very nice wholesome food and plenty of it. The manual is very well laid out and informative. Sandra Corrigan - The course was really enjoyable, interactive and interesting. Manual – Well documented and prepared. From the introduction to extra documentation listed at the end, there is a wealth of information on Reiki. The best written manual I’ve seen honestly. We had enough time to practice and play with the energy. We took time to practice the hand positions on the chakras, both on ourselves and also with the other students. The course as the manual is well prepared and covers everything needed to understand Reiki and practice it. Morag served us delicious soups. Light, tasty and healthy. Stephen H - I had the pleasure of having an Indian head massage by Morag I found it so relaxing, it helped me to unwind, it is a totally rejuvenating experience which revitalises the whole body, alleviated my stress, cleared my mind and I had more energy after it! Can't wait to go again!! Coral Hunter Amazing!!! Such a talented professional Lady! Highly recommend. Jakki Coilleáin I really enjoyed the course, felt very relaxed and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and presentation of the manual and course. There was the right amount of information and practical aspects to not be overwhelmed. It was brilliant, very enlightening and you can tell how much you love doing Reiki. Beautiful food. Thank you Morag for a lovely weekend. I learned so much and can’t wait to develop my Reiki skills further. Claire Reilly - The course was very well delivered – informative & interesting. The manual is very clear and easy to follow. It is a useful aid to refer back to. D Rickard - A gift to myself and a fabulous experience with a lovely group. Went deeper than I realised but in a positive way. A safe space to create and to make sense of things that I have recently found confusing. Jo - Venue – Perfect. Airy, plenty of room, good light. Refreshments – Bountiful. Materials provided – Abundant. Look forward to future workshops. I’ve made collages on my own before, but the group experience is different and the gentle facilitation really helpful in focusing. Bee - Amazing place to spend a day, time has gone so quickly and has been so energetic and relaxing. Very pleased with my collage. Excellent atmosphere, spacious and light. A time to recharge. Loved today, thank you Morag. Coral - Really enjoyed the “play” thank you. Helena - This woman is amazing!! I had reiki done as I was suffering with low blood pressure while been pregnant. After one session I felt completely different. All my energy was back sickness gone and blood pressure back to normal. Would definitely recommend this lady. Charlene Mc Cartin I contacted Morag recently regarding reiki for my daughter. Morag recommended distant reiki and I have been amazed by the results. The service and after care has been first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending Morag. Caitriona Fee Thank you so much for my treatment yesterday. I had a great night's sleep last night and feel so much better in myself. Mary, Fermanagh, (suffering from insomnia for 3 months) Reiki for Health Distant Reiki Reiki Course Level 1 Reiki Course Level 1 Reiki Course Level 1 Reiki Course Level 1 Crafting your Soul Crafting your Soul Crafting your Soul Crafting your Soul
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